For those of us who are paid on time-basis, the most difficult part is to keep track of the time we have worked and...

For those of us who are paid on time-basis, the most difficult part is to keep track of the time we have worked and bill our clients according to that. This isn’t just the case with freelancers, many firms face time-tracking problems when it comes to billing as well.

This problem has a very creative solution for online invoicing websites. The time tracker present on these websites can track, record and create invoices according to the tracking. This gives no room for complaint, even to the contractor since he/she can see the record right before their eyes.

Advantages of invoice software time tracker

easy to use

Time trackers are easy to use. All you have to do is enter the rate and the number of hours you have worked and the rest is handled by the software


bills are created according to the tracked hours so there is no room for error or doubt when invoices are created.


trackers take note of the intrinsic details when it comes to tracking the working time. These details are included in the invoice to revoke any doubts.


The procedure is automatic and you don’t have to sit for hours trying to calculate the hours you have worked over the entire month.

No guesswork

There is no guesswork involved. The amount of time you work is recorded and billed accordingly. There is no room for negotiation or argument.

Impressive bills

The bills and invoices created are very impressive both in format and style. This helps you maintain a good reputation with clients.

Free online invoicing software by sighted is a great place to start online invoicing. That is because it allows you to

– Invoice for free

– Time track your services

– Send unlimited invoices

– Send as many times as you want

– Maintain impressive financial records

– Create professional invoices

– Customize your invoices

– Saves an incredible amount of time and effort

– Allows you to receive payments

– Develops reports based on your invoices

These features of free online invoicing software by sighted are only a few amongst the many other advantages of this website and software. It is because of this that is becoming one of the most used invoicing software on the internet.