Tips for Building an Effective SEO Campaign Tips for Building an Effective SEO Campaign
There are a lot of ways you can rank higher on search engines. People usually think they have the perfect recipe to get to... Tips for Building an Effective SEO Campaign

There are a lot of ways you can rank higher on search engines. People usually think they have the perfect recipe to get to that number one place, but that isn’t always the case. You need to combine many things if you want to be at top of the search engine for any key word. Because it is constantly changing you need to be always on track of what is new in Google or other search engines.

Implementing everything you can find on YouTube or from a SEO company won’t always work because you need to find that perfect combination for your business that will help it grow. If you are relying on a SEO company first check them out on certain key words, and you will know how good they are in their job. Vivatraffic and other companies all have similar but different approaches to the job because of so many possibilities.

Link building

This tip will for sure stay for some time, unlike others that change in a few months because of its flexibility. It means basically that you are linking one website to another website and it usually has a purpose. This is a great thing to manage in the start because if Google checks out your website and your links, they will notice that you used some trusted websites like Wikipedia or Facebook, and they will look at your website as something that helps people out to come to these trusted pages. Read more on this page.

Additionally, your goal is to get as many links that are relevant to your website as possible. One of the ways you can do that is to write more content. This content needs to be of a great quality if you want this to work because Google nowadays recognizes everything. And that is also going to be a separate tip because of its importance.

Quality content

Naturally, when you are writing out the content you are going to get links to your website from other relevant websites. If you are writing great content and it is educational, and it is improving somebody else’s experience, websites are going to actually link out to you based on your article.

If you are stuck thinking about what you want to write, what you want to place on your website, there are many ways you can get help for that. There are websites where when you type in the keyword you want for your website, it will bring out some pages you can look up to and get the idea.

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Click-through rate

Click-through rate or CTR basically means that if a searcher sees your website and they don’t click, that means you got an impression and not a click. So it is a number of impressions times the percentage of the clicks. If you are not familiar with this you can say it should be around 20% but actually, a good CTR is around 6 to 7%.

It is also different depending on the business you have or what kind of website is it. The good thing about this is that you have complete control of your CTR. What we want to say by this is that how good your headlines are and how much appealing they are to the users you will get more users to click on it. So, investing time in naming the pages and setting the headlines is very important.


This is something that Google is working on constantly because it is artificial intelligence. Rankbrain goes through the websites and it checks out user experience. If the user gets on your website and stay there for two seconds, it means something and that is calculated. Also, where the users click the most or where he spends time the most is also calculated and measured to see every detail that can benefit you in the future.

Google now recognizes everything from the user experience, how fast is the website, how secure and that are the aspects you want to work on. The RankBrain is very connected to the content and this is also why it is very important to have quality content so users will stay longer and eventually you will get a better ranking.