Steroid is used to cure many health issues and is also popular in the world of sport. It is used by the bodybuilder to...

Steroid is used to cure many health issues and is also popular in the world of sport. It is used by the bodybuilder to enhance performance and increase muscle mass. It is also used to treat various forms of arthritis. Though it has many benefits but it has come with some minor side effects too. People think that some steroid medications cause weight gain.

The anabolic steroid is used to achieve your desired goals in a short span of time. It will help you to increase you muscle mass and stamina. If you use the steroid in a proper way, then you wouldn’t get any side effects. It has to be taken as it is prescribed. Some steroid medications cause weight gain which is dependent upon how your body stores fats. It is shown when you use the steroids for a long run without any exercise.Thus, your body starts to accumulate excess fat in your stomach, at the back of the neck and the face. The process to gain pounds is heavy and quick. So to get the best result you should maintain the metabolism of the body and know your body type to prevent the side effect from the steroid.

How do steroid make you gain weight

How to prevent weight gain

The steroid is used at the time of bulking cycle to get the puffy and bloated muscle which makes you look powerful. But it has to be used at the time of cutting cycle to avoid the extra weight gain. To avoid the extra weight gain you should understand the mechanism of steroids and how it reacts to your body. The following are some possibilities that can help you to understand you body to prevent weight gain:

  • The most common reason to weight gain is when you use the steroid, your appetite also increases. With the increased appetite you want to eat more which leads to weight gain. To prevent weight gain you should consume more calories on daily basis while on workout.
  • Another reason associated to weight gain is when you consume steroids it regulates the balance of sodium, water and other electrolytes of the body which retain the fluid in the body. The retention of fluid promotes the issues of high blood pressure with addition to weight gain. To get rid of weight gain you should eat frequently and drink lots of water. Follow a diet which is high in potassium and low on sodium.

Once you maintain the rate of metabolism in your body then you don’t need to worry about weight gain. It is recommended for the steroid users in respect of weight gain, you should start walking around the blocks before or after an hour of your workout, take the stairs instead of elevator at work. Make sure that you are physically active so that you can work out more and more to reduce the extra weight from your body. However,if you need help regarding your fitness regime, you can consult the physical therapist or fitness trainer. And do your best to plan your healthy meal to get rid of the extra pounds.