5 Tips to Create Professional Yoga Videos 5 Tips to Create Professional Yoga Videos
Are you a yoga expert who is often asked for tips on the “asanas”? Or is it that you credit your envious flat abs... 5 Tips to Create Professional Yoga Videos

Are you a yoga expert who is often asked for tips on the “asanas”? Or is it that you credit your envious flat abs to the daily “suryanamskars” that has left your near ones asking for suggestions? Well, whatever the reason is, a yoga tutorial video would be a great thing here. With the video handy, you will no longer need to show the yoga postures time and again manually to everyone who asks for tips. Besides, a professionally made yoga tutorial uploaded on social media is sure to increase your follower base big time. The post below offers you expert tips on shooting the best yoga tutorial video.

Have someone to shoot you

Are you planning to shoot the yoga video live on your desktop webcam? Well, that’s sounds an easy job. But if you want a professional quality video, have someone to shoot you. When you shoot an exercise (read yoga) video, you must show your postures from various angles. This way, the viewer will have a comprehensive understanding of the perfect posture for a particular asana. Thus, it will be better if you have another person to capture you as s/he can move around and record your postures from various angles.

Tip on lighting

Lighting is always a major part of any video, including your yoga video. It’s tempting to shoot a yoga video outdoors since natural surroundings perfectly complement the yoga therapy. But do not ever shoot in direct sunlight as you will mostly end up with unwanted unflattering shadows. If you wish to shoot the video in natural light, go for diffused or indirect light.

Eliminate external sounds

The video should not feature any sound other than the sound of your voice. Do not shoot the video outdoors if you stay in a busy neighborhood. Your audience needs to hear your tips and suggestions clearly while you demonstrate the yoga postures. It will be better to use lapel mic to record the audio part.

Tips for video content

Don’t show too many yoga postures in one video. The length of the video should not exceed 5-6 minutes. You can show 2-3 small yoga poses or one big asana in one video. Keep room for advice on common mistakes to avoid and pro tips. You may use music but at the introduction and closing.

Convert the video

When you put great effort to create a video, you definitely want others to see it. Remember, most of the online users today are smartphone users. It means you have to make your video compatible with mobile devices. It could be that the original format of the recorded video does not show compatibility with mobile devices. In that case, it will be smarter to converter the video in a widely supported format with the help of a video converter. www.videoconverter.com will be a great tool here. It supports 200+ mobile devices and 180+ media formats. It also assures lightning-fast conversion speed.

Finally, you should always test the video on various devices before uploading it online.