Acura NSX Hybrid in Detroit Acura NSX Hybrid in Detroit
The Acura NSX is already waiting for a few years but now the new generation will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in... Acura NSX Hybrid in Detroit

The Acura NSX is already waiting for a few years but now the new generation will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The Japanese manufacturer has unveiled some pictures of his new sports, question of putting the mouth water before its launch on January 12.

car cover

This supercar is presented in an aggressive and sporty look without going into extravagance. It is possible to note several similarities between the concept and the final version, if only in the lines that draw the car.

An interesting addition is under the hood since Acura has put a biturbo block positioned in the central position. No less than 3 electric motors accompany the engine, which also allows to offer a full transmission.

More details and details on the mechanics will be unveiled in a few weeks, but many agree that the Acura NSX will have a power of at least 400 horsepower, thanks to a 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD 2014, reinvented the integral

Honda is recognized around the world for being a company that puts forward the very great skills of its engineers. Acura is obviously no exception to this rule and especially when it comes to the flagship of the brand, the RLX. While the “base” version can leave us cold enough, the Sport Hybrid has something to brighten our spirit with its ingenuity.

Where is the designer?

The biggest problem with Honda and indirectly with Acura is that one always wonders where is the designer? We end up with one of the most interesting sedans ever built by the company and to reward the work of engineers, we affuble a banal dress. It’s a bit like giving a ring set with diamonds that is presented in a newspaper wrapper …

It is not that the RLX is not elegant, it is that it is sorely lacking in panache to succeed in winning a category where the personality of each is cut with a knife. There are the famous “Jewels Eyes” as optical blocks that offer a great distinction, but they are integrated into a structure with no history.

Regarding the silhouette, we make a little effort of style with a wave that bypasses the wheel arch, but that’s about all. I give a very good note, however, to 19-inch wheels. It should be added that externally, it is the only place, where one can observe a difference with the regular range with the badge HYBRID on the wing.

At the rear, we find ourselves with an almost identical copy of the BMW 7 Series. We give some significant details like beautiful chrome sconces to the bumper. The design is almost frustrating on the RLX, we are talking about an exceptional car cover that is unable to win. Honda is at the cutting edge of technology, but there is still some gas about style.

Limousine spirit

If I can blithely criticize the outside, I must remain silent about the sumptuousness of the living area. We end up with a very modern if not futuristic dashboard. Completely dressed in finely cut leather, you can not blame the presentation. We discover at the bottom of the door generous lamps that look like rosewood. The finish is just as exceptional.

In terms of equipment, there is no deficit either. We introduce all the comfort technologies in the RLX. We propose two multimedia screens that manage and transmit all information imaginable. In terms of ergonomics, as is the trend in this category, we have to adapt to it, but we manage to do it fairly quickly. Acura even goes so far as to offer us a HUD to avoid leaving the eyes of the road.

In terms of comfort, I saw myself leaving for Florida by detours through Oregon! Supreme is the first word that comes to my mind. Although the RLX is generous for the front passengers, it is however in the back with its limousine releases that one wants to be! The space is very large, but it is different for the trunk that yields nearly 100 liters compared to the version without hybridization. We are now talking about only 328 liters, which is little considering the size of the RLX.

A taste of the NSX

One could almost say that the SH-AWD Sport Hybrid is a test bubble for the new NSX that will arrive next year. Indeed, mechanically, although Honda tells us that it will be very different, we find the spirit of technology that will be enshrined. So we suggest a 3.5 liter V6 whose original power is 310 horsepower. However, it incorporates a first electric motor within the same transmission seven-speed dual clutch (DCT). On its own, it gives 35 kW and a torque of 109 lb-ft. Then comes the most innovative part of the Sport Hybrid. In replacement of a conventional axle, two other electric motors are proposed side by side which propel the rear wheels, but independently. These mills blow twice 27kW and each 54 lb-ft. In this way, we find ourselves de facto with a new and particularly impressive system of integral traction. In cumulative 377 horses are under our right foot. A striking aspect is the advertised consumption. Acura speaks of as little as 8 liters in the city against 7.5 on the road.

A tall ballerina

It is certain that the mechanical and hybridization components of this RLX are very impressive. However, it is the result on the road that leaves us without a word. We agree that it’s really not a small car. It is true that one always feels this imposing aspect in driving. Where it is most enjoyable is to see how much it is with cutting-edge technologies that it can ignore its reality. She moves with disconcerting ease. In the winding roads of the Laurentians, she swallowed the hairpin curves in the manner of a sportswoman without even balking. My co-pilot pushed the RLX almost to dangerousness, but he pulled back well before it showed signs of weakness. We also had the pleasure of being on a wet pavement. We were able to put the SH-AWD system to the test. It works wonderfully with power transfers from one wheel to another with the best grip optics. I must add that with the famous “Torque Vectoring”, the car keeps us even more in the curves.

The management should be a little more precise considering its dynamic skills, but it accomplishes very well of its function of comfortable sedan. The brakes are as ambitious with a lot of bite.


The RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD is a true technological showcase. We have a taste of the new NSX. On the technical level, it is a faultless. Unfortunately, I have to repeat myself. If only you could find a designer to match the talent of engineers, Acura would possibly have one of the most competent and interesting full size sedans on the market.