Stay Focused At Your Goals Stay Focused At Your Goals
At times we all experience that sinking feeling when we cannot achieve what we long for, whether it is preparing for exams or be... Stay Focused At Your Goals

At times we all experience that sinking feeling when we cannot achieve what we long for, whether it is preparing for exams or be it a job or maybe even marriage. Nothing seems to be going in the right direction. Sometimes you may feel like quitting as well. These times are hard. Staying focused in your pursuit isn’t easy. Here are a few things that might help you stay focused and not lose hopes.


Achieving goals isn’t like making a cup of tea. A lot of preparation goes into it. No matter how many times your idea doesn’t seem perfect. Keep up planning, improvising, and replanning as long as you’re not sure that your plan has no glitches.

Starting with the basics, figure out where to start from and where to go. Use reverse mapping if needed. There are plenty of other tools that you can choose from to take help with your planning.


Be sure of your final layout as this is the plan that you will be following in the pursuit of your goals. Consult your friends, your family or anyone you think can help. Discuss your layout and proof your plan. During execution, assure that you are checking the correct steps and these steps are indeed turning up as planned.


Making a timeline for the plan is just as important as laying out the plan. Without a timetable, an idea is useless. Assess your resources, introspect your potential and decide a timeline for your project step by step.

Checking and Evaluating

Do not forget to check and evaluate your achievements from time to time. This will help keep your morale high and would give you a satisfied feeling. Check upon your planning, its execution and if it is in sync with your timeline.

Meditation and Vision

According to Stan Millhouse from Psychic2Tarot (, specific visualization and meditation are both essential parts of accomplishing goals that currently seem difficult or beyond your reach. It has been a fact that meditation helps you keep calm and stay focused.

Taking Help

Ask your friends and family for help whenever you need. Hesitation might leave you frustrated and lose focus. Getting a little help can help you maintain your pace. Also, it will help you get an insight into what might be wrong and how can it be rectified.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Sometimes the reason for failure may be within you. Maybe you are too hard on yourself. Worrying won’t help. Instead, it would drain your energy and kill your zest. So it is never advisable to stress out too much. Relax! Give yourself time to celebrate your achievements. Spend time with family and friends on a regular basis. De-stress yourself regularly.

Losing hope is natural but sticking to it is a well-thought choice you make. We all are in pursuit of something or the other in our lives, and it is up to us how we achieve our goals. Staying optimistic is the only thing at the end that will keep you going. Never lose hope and think clearly.