5 Reasons to choose a van over a car 5 Reasons to choose a van over a car
More and more car drivers are turning to vans as they discover a van provides everything a car does, plus much more. The superior... 5 Reasons to choose a van over a car

More and more car drivers are turning to vans as they discover a van provides everything a car does, plus much more. The superior van for you relies on your requirements, needs, priorities, and budget. But here’s why we consider high top conversion vans are amazing, and why we select one for our home on the road.

Here are 5 reasons to choose a van over a car:

1. A van offers endless uses

When purchasing a car, there are limited options for configuration available. With a car, there are generally only one or two seats you can fold down. However, with a van, you can entirely configure the interior space to suit your needs and preferences.

When selecting a car, the manufacturer often dictates how you utilise the vehicle. With a van, you are in charge; you could add a storage area, mini office or extra seating. According to the latest statistics, 40 percent of van owners use their van for activities outside of business, reflecting its versatility.

2. The perfect vehicle for family trips

Due to the extra space provided within a van, you could have seats in a double row and use the vehicle for school runs as well as have the flexibility and space to transport camping equipment, secure bikes on the back and holiday for the weekend on a campsite or for a day exploring the woods. On Monday, you can transform the van back into a workhorse.

With transporting equipment, it is vital to install van lining to protect the interior. Enquire with a company such as https://www.vehicle-accessories.net/interiors/van-linings/ to find out how to safeguard your van.

3. Safer driving

In most van models, you are sitting in a higher position than in a car, so you are given great views of the road, meaning you are able to anticipate decisions in driving earlier, leading to a safer drive.

4. Good fuel economylatest statistics

SUV cars can use up a lot of fuel when loaded heavily and are often inflexible in use. Vans, however, are designed for better economy of fuel when transporting heavy loads and by seeing further ahead on the road, you are able to slow the van using gears, rather than slamming the brakes on, which uses more fuel.

5. Comfort

Contrary to what car manufacturers may boast, vans are a more comfortable drive. This is down to necessity, as they are designed to be driven around all day, so they have to be comfortable.

Cheap: If budget is your chief concern, conversion vans are a best selection. Older ones are very cheap, particularly contrasted to many other vans out there. As van life develops in fame, Westies are getting more and more costly and that’s before you blow thousands of dollars getting them mechanically road all set.

But no matter what vehicle you opt for, all of us van lifers are integrated by our love of liberty and our wants to produce our own lives. That’s what this is actually all about. The particular vehicle is just that – a vehicle. So get out there on the road and start setting up your dream!